Office of Field Experience

Welcome to the Office of Field Experience!

If your degree program requires a field experience, the Office of Field Experience (OFE) supports you in setting up your field experience so that it meets United States University’s academic and professional standards.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS) and OFE determine if students have met all of the requirements necessary to participate in field experience courses.

Additional responsibilities of the OFE staff include:

  • Assisting students in understanding the nature of the field experience and the expectations involved
  • Approving sites and preceptors for field experience to ensure they meet USU CONHS standards
  • Assisting students in the practicum application process, if required
  • Confirming students meet all health and safety requirements for the experience
  • Counseling students as needed
  • Communicating with sites and preceptors as necessary
  • Communicating with the field experience instructors as necessary

Student Handbooks and Resources

Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Handbook

MSN Nurse Education & Health Care Leadership Clinical Practicum Handbook


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The Office of Field Experience