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Welcome to your Career Resources site, provided to all United States University students and alumni at no cost with career information, tips, and tools to guide your career exploration and job search.

USU Career Services can support you with the following:

  • Career Assessments
  • Exploring Careers/Occupations with your Degree
  • Job Searching
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Linkedin Profile & Navigation
  • Networking
  • Salary Negotiation


Managing your career takes time and careful planning, and your plan should include assessments, majors, career information, resume and cover letters, job search, and interviews. Career Management is a fluid experience that presents the opportunity to grow, explore, and ultimately decide on a career path designed specifically for YOU!

Deciding on a career path or changing careers can feel overwhelming. Our Career Staff are professionally trained to guide you through this process with sensitivity, understanding, and support. Feeling indecisive, even though it feels scary, aligns with the theory used by our career staff: Krumboltz’s Planned Happenstance Theory.

Managing this process in a flexible and open-minded way is more necessary than ever with our quickly changing labor market.

Positive perspectives in utilizing this theory include:

  • Curiosity to explore various options
  • Persistence to overcome when presented with obstacles
  • Flexibility to keep an open mind and explore new and unexpected opportunities
  • Optimism to see the potential in unplanned events

Meet Logann Dolan, our Career and Alumni Services Specialist at USU.

Whether you are just beginning your job search or want your resume reviewed, Logann meets with students and alumni individually on a variety of different topics. Logann prides herself in making sure the students and alumni she works with feel valued, supported, and seen as individuals who each have a different path to follow.

Logann is a first-generation college graduate and received her MBA specializing in Leadership, Consulting, and Business Analytics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing from Binghamton University. She is a Certified Career Services Provider through the National Career Development Association and also a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner. She has over 8+ years of experience in higher education with a passion for mentoring and providing guidance to professionals as they pursue careers that they love and enjoy. Logann makes an impact through the exploration of career pathways, offering personality, interests, values, and skills assessments, resume and cover letter reviews, and exposing students and alumni to various career-related resources. Students and alumni can schedule an appointment with Logann below.